avatrolWelcome to our full Avatrol review where we examine how effective it is for treating the condition of hemorrhoids.

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About the Product

Avatrol is manufactured by a company called Progressive Health, Inc. based in the United States. The company itself is registered with the NPA (Natural Products Association) and is regarded as a reliable producer of quality health and well-being products.

Avatrol itself is a supplement that is taken once a day and is specifically formulated to boost the gastrointestinal functioning and health. After a few days of taking it, it will cause increased blood circulation and also provide the rectum with increased lubrication, thereby allowing for easier egestion of fecal matter. The supplement claims to be able to reduce swelling, irritation and itching in the affected area so that individuals with hemorrhoids are no longer experiencing such symptoms. Avatrol is designed to be taken for 14 days, though should your hemorrhoids be more severe, this would need to be increased to at least 28 days.

100% Natural

The supplement itself is formulated from a variety of natural ingredients that are thought to be able to shrink the size of piles and even rid them from your life. Additionally, Avatrol works fast, much faster than any cream, gel or ointment you might buy at a pharmacy or drugstore. Unlike Avatrol these treatments often contain harsh chemicals that can do damage to the lining of the anal passageway.

What Are the Ingredients

Horse Chestnut: Horse chestnut is a plant whose seeds, bark and flowers are utilized in medical formulations. It works primarily as an astringent and anti-inflammatory which helps to tone the walls of veins when they become slack. In this way it is an excellent ingredient for hemorrhoids. The extract also works to decrease the retention of fluid in parts of the body, increasing the porousness of the capillaries thereby permitting the re-absorption of excess fluid back into the bloodstream. All in all, it could be very beneficial for reducing swelling and alleviating the pain associated with hemorrhoids.

Citrus Bioflavanoids: These consist of numerous botanical extracts. Studies have demonstrated that citrus bioflavonoids benefit the permeability of capillaries and improve blood flow. In this way it also works as an anti-inflammatory and will ultimately help soothe and ‘calm down’ the hemorrhoids themselves.

In addition to this these extracts are very good at oxygenating tissues in our body and overall regulating a healthy blood pressure. With regards to piles, citrus bioflavonoids will strengthen tissues surrounding them and altogether improve vascular tone. This should theoretically assist in passing stools.

Oat Straw: The fiber content of oat straw is one of the main reasons why it is beneficial for hemorrhoids. Some studies have shown that oat straw, when taken alongside other herbs can increase stool frequency by up to 20%. Oat straw is particularly effective at soothing any pain associated with piles as it possesses emollient qualities for the skin, as well as during the process of digestion.

Bilberry Extract: The active ingredient found in bilberry is flavanoids. It contains chemicals ‘anthocyanosides’. This herb is also like a fruit and has been used in Europe for its healing properties for centuries. Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated its efficacy in strengthening weakened capillaries by fortifying their walls.

One study, which was 4 weeks long, double-blind and controlled by placebo examined the effect of 40 people with hemorrhoids. The study found that oral supplementation of bilberry extract markedly decreased the symptoms associated with piles compared to the placebo group.

How to Buy Avatrol

Unfortunately, at the present moment, Avatrol is unavailable to buy in stores, but can instead be bought online. It can be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and Walgreens, though it is recommended to purchase it directly from the official website. The company itself offers international shipping and therefore if you’re outside of the United States you can still buy it and have it sent to you in no time.

Side Effects

Since Avatrol contains only natural ingredients in moderate amounts, there have been very few reported unwanted side effects of taking this medication. Though some individuals may experience an upset stomach, this can usually be resolved by taking it after a meal as opposed to on an empty stomach. However, considering hemorrhoids greatly affect pregnant women, such women should consult a doctor before taking the supplement. This also applies if you are lactating.

Does it Work

There is solid science backing all the primary ingredients found in Avatrol and therefore there is a good chance it may indeed work for you. You can also find a lot of positive feedback about the product from former hemorrhoid sufferers who have been cured of their condition. Some have even reported a reduction of symptoms (and even a total cure) in as little as 3 days.

There are, however, also a fair few reviews that have clearly stated that Avatrol did not work for them and that these individuals experienced no positive benefits whatsoever. The rational conclusion to make is that Avatrol is definitely worth a shot but don’t get your hopes up too high as it is certainly not a certified cure.