Pain and discomfort as a result of hemorrhoids can leave you depressed and edgy. While learning how to treat the condition together with leading a routine lifestyle is itself quite a challenge, the constant irritation and itching before and during treatment are some of the most disturbing symptoms of Hemorrhoids. Also called piles, these inflamed vascular structures partially block the anal opening, causing patients to feel uneasy while doing basic chores like walking and bending.

Apart from the medical treatments that a patient undergoes for hemorrhoids, some home remedies are also quite effective. A sitz bath, also called a Hemorrhoid Bath, is one such home procedure that is widely used to relieve pain, swelling and redness that is caused by internal or external hemorrhoids. It is a shallow and warm bath that cleanses the perineum area (the gap between the rectum and the vulva/scrotum).

While a Sitz Bath is usually only used by patients suffering from Piles, its popularity as a way to keep the pubic region clean and hygienic has soared over the years. So much so that many people use a Sitz Bath at least once a week to soothe the inner muscles of the rectum.

Steps to Take a Sitz Bath

As complicated as it sounds, taking a Stiz Bath for hemorrhoids is actually very easy. Depending on how proper you want to be with this home remedy, you can either invest in a few supplies that are specifically used to take a bath for hemorrhoids or you can also use make-shift procedures using supplies available at home.

Because many people have never heard of a Sitz bath, just the thought of it sounds daunting. A simple step by step guide will make this process much more understandable. However, before you arrange a Sitz Bath at home to relieve pain or swelling in the perineum area, make sure you have gone through a professional diagnosis and your doctor has approved the bath for you.

The steps to be followed to prepare a Sitz Bath are:

  1. Purchasing a Sitz Bowl: As mentioned previously a Sitz Bath can be taken ordinarily, in a bath tub, or it’s effect can be enhanced by purchasing a Sitz Bowl. A Sitz Bowl is made out of plastic and is specifically designed for patients to dip the perineum area in it while sitting on the toilet seat. Therefore, its shape is such that you can hook it to the toilet bowl whenever you want to take the Sitz Bath and put it away later.

A Sitz Bowl is available at pharmacies or big-box stores at reasonable rates.

  1. Gather Supplies: Once you have fitted the bowl on the toilet seat, pour warm water in it. Add some Epsom salt for hemorrhoids pain relief and let them combine. Because you will be sitting in for at least 25 minutes, you can grab a book to read or finish a crossword puzzle to keep yourself occupied.
  2. Sit Comfortably: When you position yourself on the seat, make sure you are comfortable. For the warm water and salts to soothe the rectum and anal region, you have to be comfortably seated instead of fidgeting again and again. Also, ensure that the water level is high enough. If needed, refill the bath with more warm water after a few minutes.
  3. Try to Relax: The entire point of a Sitz bath is for your rectum and anal muscles and hemorrhoids to relax. Hence, try to relax your mind and body so that the bath is effective and makes you feel rejuvenated.
  4. Slowly Get Up: Once you have taken the bath for 25 minutes, get up slowly. It is best to let the perineum region air dry so that no traces of moisture are left; making you itch more. However, if you want, you can also gently pat the region dry with a paper towel.
  5. Look Out for Dizziness: A warm Sitz Bath dilates veins and nerves in the rectum and anus. With this dilation, you may feel temporary lightheadedness when you get up from the seat. However, this feeling will last only a few minutes and you should be back to normal soon.

Making Sitz Baths a Routine

A Stiz bath can be taken once or twice a day. If you feel relaxed and soothed with the warm water and salts, taking it twice a day till the hemorrhoids have healed is a good way to speed up the recovery process. Another variant of this bath is a Cold Water Sitz Bath. Many people feel the cold variant reduces swelling faster and gives a cooling sensation on areas that itch because of hemorrhoids.

Be it cold or warm, a Sitz Bath has proven effectiveness and should therefore be tried by every hemorrhoid patient as the best home remedy for the condition.